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Our wide range of solutions and services put your retail business on a clear path to excellence and profitability.

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Product Merchandising & Analytics

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Merchandising & Data Analytics

We take a 360° approach to understanding your business & unlocking the sales power of your brand. From detailed article & competitor analysis to price point & range architecture analytics we have the expertise to help you improve performance:

  • Increased sales

  • Higher margins

  • Reduced range sizes

  • Increased article efficiency

  • Clear price & range architecture

We support your merchandising teams to drive net sales & profitability using state of the art solutions based on digital & highly responsive data developed with decades of industry knowledge & experience. 

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Merchandise Outsourcing

 At ReBO we build dedicated expert teams on behalf of our clients to support their merchandising groups. Our approach, business model & set of solutions improves the quality of our client's merchandising output by:

  • Reducing cost bases

  • Enabling an internal focus on key decision making not data analysis

  • Increased Sales & Margin

  • Improved availability of products

  • Up to date global best practice in merchandising

  • Increased scalability


Merchandise Training

Through our customized "Merchandising for Success" training courses, ReBO offers an extensive & comprehensive merchandise training syllabus.

Our focus is on sharing our expertise & best practice to upskill retail & merchandising teams with key abilities including:

  • Evaluating human behaviour

  • Making more informed & data-driven decisions

  • Process improvement

  • Increasing full price sell through & profitability.

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Visual Merchandising

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360° Visual Merchandising  Services

Our 360°approach encompasses the journey from store concept & inception to product design/buy through to instore operations and brand marketing via our ‘Visual Creative’ and ‘Visual Operations’ teams

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Design, Build  and Manage

Our creative teams unleash your brand's potential, leaving lasting impressions in today's fiercely competitive market.

We excel in design, execution, and seamless operations, helping you maximize your space and captivate your audience.

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Visual Merchandising Outsourcing

Embrace change and tap into external expertise for a fresh perspective with ReBO.

Utilise our extensive portfolio of visual merchandisers to meet both your Visual Creative and Visual Operations requirements while you remain focused on your core activities

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Documentation and  Communication

Enhance your retail strategy with our expertise, which encompasses crafting SOP manuals, designing compelling seasonal and monthly visual merchandising guidelines, creating captivating look-books, and delivering  engaging bulletins.


Onshore/Offshore Training

Our tailored training solutions, whether through workshops, coaching, or e-learning, start with a conversation to understand your needs with an outcome that drives day-to-day performance improvement.

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Retail Software Solutions

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Retail Data

ReBO's proprietary AI driven data mining software solution connects with our client's main ERP to process its data & produce unique business intelligence reports & dashboards that reveal hidden opportunities.

The system is focused on mining data to expose & unlock business opportunities that can increase profitability. This proprietary software can be provided in a mobile app for the client's teams to use  whilst on the move. 

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Retail Demand Forecaster

ReBO's Retail Demand Forecaster is an AI & image recognition driven software tool. It helps & supports our clients to improve the accuracy & efficiency of forecasting to deliver higher full price sell through &  lower inventory holding.

The Retail Performance Forecaster delivers the following key benefits to our clients:

  • Article performance rankings

  • Performance by division, channel department & article number

  • Prediction of future best sellers

  • Eliminates low performing articles

  • Increases accuracy

  • Reduces manual tasks

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Retail Shopper

Retail Shopper Detect is an AI driven integrated software application that delivers accurate tracking, full visibility & real time data of all consumer & employee footfall activity in the store. Our software links with our clients in-store CCTV hardware providing a digital & AI advantage in physical retail spaces. Retail Shopper Detect gives our clients several key advantages:

  • Customer profiles by age, gender & size (+ethnicity if reqd.)

  • More accurate branch inventory

  • Higher branch level campaign ROI

  • Improved sales & margins

  • Traffic to conversion optimization

  • Customer dwell time monitoring​​​​​

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Retail Store

Retail Store Manager by ReBO gives store managers real time insights driven by AI to make data-driven decisions on:

  • Merchandise availability

  • Staff

  • Visual Merchandising compliance

  • Sales performance

  • Customer loyalty

It helps to improve in-store standards of visual merchandising & stock-availability in an easy to access app. 
It’s on-demand reports help manage multiple & individual stores from a centralized system.

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Retail Merchandising Suite

ReBO's Retail Merchandising Suite is an end-to-end merchandising software with 12 modules that uses AI & the latest techniques to deliver results. It operates using a high level of automation enabling more efficiency from merchandising teams. 
The key benefits include:

  • Increased sales & margin

  • Improved merchandising processes

  • More efficient working practices

  • Cost savings

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Retail Management & Strategy

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Business Diagnostics

We conduct quarterly retail business reviews with our clients.
We build & write detailed, data-based reports that highlight strengths & weaknesses.
In this way ReBO supports Senior Management teams & Boards of Directors in gaining a deeper understanding of their retail business, developing strategies & realising opportunities.

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Strategy & Execution

ReBO has a wealth of experience in supporting you to understand why & how your customers shop. 

This enables us to formulate & design custom omni-channel strategies based on data, best practice & an innovative mindset, that seamlessly serves your consumers across their channels of choice.

  • Trend analysis

  • Channel consistency

  • Relevance & differentiation

  • Spend vs. ROI analysis

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With decades of brick & mortar retail experience, at ReBO we are able to collaborate &/or project manage with our client's design & build partners in the creation of innovative, inspiring & successful new store environments.

  • Location strategy

  • Tenant & landlord partnership

  • Capacity planning

  • Design & layout

  • Construction & fit

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At ReBO we are experienced operators capable of bringing the required efficiencies & service dynamics to win at point of sale. We believe store operations is all about driving business performance & our solutions are focused on people & processes that help to build internal & external loyalty that sustains long term, profitable business growth.

  • Manpower needs analysis

  • Store staff recruitment & training

  • Policies & procedure development

  • Store organization / opening / closing, admin, legal, HR, IT

  • Finance & Inventory management

  • Mystery shopping (feedback & action)

  • Offshore customer service desk

  • Loss prevention

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Processes & 

We understand that to drive performance, processes & controls need to be aligned with an organisation's goals & vision. 

At ReBO we help our clients improve processes to improve efficiency & compliance across all areas of business operations. Our process & compliance services focus on 5 key pillars:

  • Risk based reviews

  • Compliance

  • Process standardization & improvement

  • Spend management

  • Business projects (review, analysis, & feedback)

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Supply Chain 

We track & map Supply Chains from Point of Origin to Point of Sale as well as delivery to the consumer including reverse logistics. Our processes are designed to deliver:

  • Reduced cost of operations

  • Lower inventory holdings

  • Overall business efficiencies


Cost & Efficiency Improvements

We conduct complete business diagnostics and provide guidance on end to end business activity from strategy to market entry to operational efficiencies to timely performance reviews and swift actions. Supporting clients to re-engineer their supply chains has reduced cost of operations by up to 30%. 

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E-Commerce Design, Development & Management

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E-Commerce Design & Development

At ReBO we provide your business with everything needed to design &  develop the ideal E-commerce solution for your business or brand. We offer end to end services & work with your team to understand your goals & requirements, & deliver solutions that ensure a consumer friendly experience:

  • E-Commerce business plan

  • Design & Development

  • Payment gateways, fulfillment partner integration

  • IT infrastructure (hosting, maintenance, security)

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E-Commerce Management

To ensure your E-commerce systems run smoothly, effectively & efficiently, we offer management solutions that ensure your consumers are always getting a premium experience.

  • Order processing

  • Accounting & MIS

  • Customer Service

  • SEO, traffic growth & conversion

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Consumer Insights & Analytics

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Consumer Insights

At ReBO we help you to rediscover your consumers through a combination of art & science. We work with you to observe & listen to your consumers to better understand their motivations & enhance their experience with your business. 

We help to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, the relevance of digital experiences and effective utilisation of data & insights to help you innovate, strengthen brand equity, differentiate & build sustainable

  • Consumer Loyalty & Advocacy

  • Behaviour & Engagement

  • Target & Segmentation

  • Loyalty

  • Trends

  • Consumer experience analysis

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ReBO is a Global Solution Partner

ReBO is a global company, with the reach, expertise & knowledge to help our clients achieve retail excellence across cultures, countries & time zones.


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